Search Engine Optimization Tips
Search Engine Optimization Tips

Most people would like to have their site return first in a Google search. To help customers achieve this
ranking we suggest the following.

  • Always include unique content.
  • Do not copy articles from other sites.
  • Write informative articles that relate to your field, including images if possible.
  • Hire a professional writer if necessary. The content must be non biased, not a press release!!
  • Name your articles with the relevant search word or phrase.
  • Update your site regularly.
  • Ask friends and others to create links to your site (we will supply the link code, if necessary).
  • If you use a Flash image on the home page, provide a link to by-pass it as people often don't like to
    be kept waiting.
  • Include your phone number and contact details on every page if possible, but ensure they are
    prominent on the Home page.
  • Create social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and link them to your site.
  • Email your friends and contacts and invite them to your visit your site.


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