Eco Friendly Printing
Eco Friendly Printing

The Print Factory is probably Ireland's most environment friendly printers: we use vegetable based inks,
rainwater and a chemical-free plate-making process.

We use both paper from sustainably managed forests and recycled paper. There is an ongoing debate as
to which is better from an environment perspective. While recycling has many positive benefits, so too has
using paper from well managed forests. By using virgin paper, we are creating a demand, and encouraging
people to plant trees/forests to meet that demand. And as we know, trees absorb carbon and as such,
contribute to keeping our planet a little cooler! However energy is required to harvest, transport and process
the wood. On the other side, energy is also required to collect, transport and process the recycled paper.
In fact, a number of processes are required before recycled paper fibres can be re-used.

So which paper is better? Well, probably some of both, but recycled paper does not have any clear advantage
over product from sustainably managed forests.